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AJ Robichaud – Essential to Lorden’s Success

AJ has been an integral part of the Lorden team since 1992. Currently the General Manager at the Hollis, N.H. office, AJ began as a Service Technician, Installer and driver and demonstrated the kind of learning aptitude, people skills, and organizational ability that led to his consistent progression through many levels of responsibility.

AJ is a natural leader who remains accessible to and well-respected by all—staff and customers alike. He has become in invaluable asset to the Lorden family, and has been part of every major milestone Lorden has experienced during his tenure. He was instrumental in the successful design and implementation of the Ayer facility, and when Lorden embarked on its re-branding project, AJ offered essential perspective because one has a hard time distinguishing how much of Lorden is AJ and how much of AJ is Lorden.

AJ is a key resource for management, staff, and customers because his all-around knowledge, true versatility, and genuine way with people make him a “go-to” guy who nurtures customer relationships, supports management effectiveness, and brings the best out in employees. Lorden recently received an award from the Better Business Bureau for its perfect service record due in no small part to AJ’s leadership, example, and contribution.

AJ has grown along with Lorden these sixteen years due to his talent and commitment. He gives generously of himself not only to his company but to his family and the community. AJ is very dedicated to his wife and children, is a coach of youth hockey, and is a member of the Hollis Brookline Rotary, including participation in many charitable efforts.

From 6:00 a.m. every morning until the work is done, AJ’s on the job in Hollis … we and our customers are very glad to know that.